Core Competencies

The translators associated with Language Services Bureau are not only experts in the concerned languages, but also specialists in different branches of science, technology, industry and commerce. Our team of translators includes specialized engineers, doctors, and doctorates in various sciences, technology, software professionals, and also professionals who undertake literary translations.

The translators are familiar with technical and trade terminology in the pertinent field and hence are able to maintain the exactness, accuracy and authenticity required in translating specialized documents. Our translators have on-site technical experience in the respective foreign country, which gives them an added advantage of knowing the jargon and the colloquial expressions in the language.

Their knowledge of the subjects gives these translations a special credibility that can spell the difference between acceptance and rejection of your message with consequent effects on your business. It also gives them an edge over new comers to provide rapid translations for urgent requirements, while maintaining the quality of the work.

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