• What are the Rates for translation?
    As per the company’s policy we can provide the rates only after a brief analysis of the document for translation as per –
    • Volume of the job - no. of words/pages
    • Nature of the documents – whether they are technical/legal/ financial/medical.
    • Language combination (Indian -> International, or vice versa)
    • Timeframe in which translation is required - Urgency Charges apply if the client needs translation urgently.
  • What is the Time Frame?
    It is based on the size and domain of document. A timeline once promised is always adhered to!

    For E.g.: One A4 size page of any certificate (Mark sheets, Degrees, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates) requires Maximum 2 days.
  • How do I check Authenticity of the translation?
    Our translations are undertaken by experienced native language translators, with specialised knowledge in the required field. Therefore the translation quality is always the best, and the translation never reads like a translation, but an original!
  • Is the translation Government Authorised?
    As of now, there is no Government Authorised Translation agency in India. However, LSB being a pioneer in this field is working for the last 35 years and therefore our translations are accepted in almost all Government offices, Embassies and Consulates. Our translations have also been accepted for Green Card applications in the US. We provide certified translation on our Letter Head, with our Certification, Stamp and Signature.
  • What kind of Certification is provided?
    The documents will be certified (to be correct translation), stamped and signed, and translation is provided on our Letter Head.
  • How are the rates fixed? Are they per page /per word?
    The rates are fixed on some of the following criteria:
    • Volume of the job - no. of words/pages
    • Nature of the documents – whether they are technical/legal/ financial/medical.
    • Language combination (Indian -> International, or vice versa)
    • Timeframe in which translation is required - Urgency Charges apply if client needs the translation urgently.
    For one page documents like Birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree/graduation certificates, RTC forms (7-12 extracts related to land) the rates are normally per page. For flowing matter, the rates are normally per word.
  • If there are any corrections, will they be done after the delivery of translation?
    If client needs corrections or changes to be made in the translation, these can be done without any cost once within 15 days of translation. The changes /corrections shall be made only if the meaning as per the original document is maintained.
  • Is the translation accepted in embassy/Government Offices?
    It should be noted that unlike other countries, in India, there is no Central body or Authority for licensing, authorisation or certification of translation agencies. Therefore there is no Government authorised translation agency in India. However, due to our long standing experience, Certified translations from LSB are usually accepted in all Embassies and Government offices globally. Before going ahead with any certified translation, one should always ensure the type of legalisation required for the translated documents before authorising the work as the level of legalisation varies corresponding to the nature of the document, the purpose for which it is being translated and legalised and where it is going to be submitted. It always makes sense to check with the concerned authorities whether translation provided by LSB shall be accepted.
  • What are the modes of payment?
    Payment can be done by Cash/Online transfer/Cheque/DD.
  • How will the translation be delivered?
    Translation is delivered in Soft copy/Hard copy. It can be sent by email/courier as per client’s requirement. Courier Charges are applicable separately.
  • Is there any specific format of the translated document?
    The format of translation is exactly as per the original document.
  • How many copies of the translation are given?
    One translated document is provided along with the copy of original.
  • Is there any discount for bulk translation?
    Discount is given based on the document (No. of Words/pages, repetitions, etc.)
  • Do you do legal translations?
    Yes we do Legal translations. However if there is a requirement of appearing as a witness in a Court of Law after submission of translation, we do not undertake such legal translations.
  • What about confidentiality of document?
    All possible care is taken to maintain the confidentiality of client’s document. We can also sign an NDA (NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT) with the client.
  • How are the language Training Courses conducted? Please give details.
    • the course fees vary according to the language
    • Normally the course duration is for 2 months or 40 Clock Hours
    • The timings are according to the student’s preferences.
    • We provide both on-site and in-house training facilities
  • Do you have in-house translators or freelance translators? If freelancers work on our documents, then what is their authenticity of translation?
    We have in-house translators only for some language pairs. The translators associated with us are experienced and sworn translators working on our panel of translators for more than 2 decades, and therefore best translation quality is guaranteed.
  • Do you provide local Interpreters?
    • It depends on where the Interpreter is required and for which language he/she is required.
    • For further information, request us for our Interpretation Request Form.

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