In House Library

Language Services Bureau has a rich in house library consisting of a collection of over 100 rare dictionaries in more than 20 Indian and international languages. The fields covered amongst these dictionaries range from general, technical, computing, internet, chemical, business (commercial), electrical engineering, telecommunications, electronics, medical and so on. All kinds of dictionaries, i.e. monolingual, bilingual and multilingual with different language combinations are at the ready disposal of translators, thus facilitating their task radically. Apart from international language dictionaries, the library consists of a huge range of books in different languages covering a vast area of subjects from literature, travel, to magazines in international languages. As a special aid for the training courses, Language Services Bureau also boasts of numerous audio visual aids including books, cassettes (both audio-video), CD’s for learning languages. These aids expose the student to real life situations and conversations of native speakers of a language, and help them grasp a language as it is spoken in the respective country.

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